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Friday, November 2, 2007

--Is it just me, or can John Cusack not do a movie without his sister and vice versa?

Now, obviously, that's a rhetorical question, because I'm sure that John and Joan have done plenty of movies without each other, but damn, it seems like they're always in the same movie. This comes on the heels of my learning that John and Joan are in the recent release Martian Child. Looking at their respective IMDb pages (John here, Joan here), in actuality, they have only been in 6 movies just seems like they're separated at the hip. I'm just saying.

--Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, for many reasons. When I was a kid, I loved the candy. In high school and college, it was for the parties. Now, it's because of the skimpy outfits. And my new car.
I got a new car on Halloween this year. An '08 Ford Fusion that replaced my '95 Explorer. Now, needless to say, this is a huge step up. Also, I found out today that on the way from the lot where I left my traded in Explorer to the lot of the wholesaler, the transmission went out. Thanks for the $1500!
Oh yeah, Halloween. what other holiday could you have someone dressed like this:

I guess this is supposed to be Snow White. But Halloween is the only time you could see a woman dressed in this "Snow White" costume. I'm just saying.

--This for my blogmate, Peter Edmiston, a huge Redskins fan. This site is a Redskins fan site...I think maybe before you start the website, you need to check and see what the name of it looks like before they put the site up. If I typed in "" into my home computer, my girlfriend would have some serious questions for me. Try "" I'm just saying.
posted by Will Askew @ 3:48 PM  
  • At November 6, 2007 at 9:07 AM, Blogger Kari said…

    I think it slightly unfair that you chose the gayest picture of John Cusack to post. But I must agree that almost every good movie he makes include his sis. She's hilarious, so I don't mind I guess.

    And congrats on finding the sluttiest Snow White in the world!

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