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Thursday, November 8, 2007
Ladies and gentlemen, it is with barely contained glee that I type this. I hope you're ready for the unbridled incredibleness this news embodies. Without further ado, I tell you:

ZUBAZ ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you not alive when Zubaz first made their appearance, Zubaz combined sweatpants, zebras, and LSD to create the kind of workout pants that blew everyone's minds. Check out these badass photos of superstars and mortals alike rocking those killer ZUBAZ:

Road Warriors Hawk and Animal take time out from their busy schedule of beating the piss out of the Bushwhackers to show you some serious ZUBAZ action.

If they're good enough for this guy, they're damn sure good enough for you. Looks kind of like Dan Marino, doesn't it?

Since I can't really see who these guys are, I'm going to assume this is Lou Gossett, Jr. and Mario Lopez.

I think these are the Easter ZUBAZ.

So all I'm saying is that I fully expect in ZUBAZ by January. They're the perfect clothing for work, school, a casual night out, or a wedding.
posted by Peter @ 7:49 PM  
  • At November 9, 2007 at 10:12 AM, Blogger Kari said…

    I'm certain that my dad had several pairs of these. And I kind of think that Brant's dad has and still wears a pair. Oh the horror!

    I know without a doubt that Robin will cancel the wedding if you dare wear these, Peter.

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